Thursday, March 15, 2012

People 2012 (11) - Persistence

Walking through the streets looking for some ideas for this project, I saw this old lady pushing her heavy cart from far off. Initially I didn’t want to take her photo, I felt like invading her privacy, expounding on her misery.

But when she got nearer, I couldn’t help but admire her persistence and attitude of never-say-die. Walking bare-footed, she ignored the stares from people, she lowers her head and go on pushing, bit by bit, moving to her destination. I just had to take her photo, to remember this moment of humbling and to remind myself that no matter how hard life is, we can still walk on!

11 - Persistence

“Not those who soar, but those who plod their rugged way to God, unhelped, are heros. They whose backs have felt the rod, whose feet have pressed the path unshod, may smile upon defeated care. Not they who soar.” Paul Laurence

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