Wednesday, September 14, 2011


The 3 themes for this year’s Canon Photomarathon Singapore. We are given 3 hours for each theme. No restrictions except to be law-abiding and be safe.

1st theme: EAT

I wanted to shoot mother bird feeding baby bird, or mother feeding child, or an old man eating alone from a plastic bag, or a caterpillar on a leaf. Lots of fun ideas, but one thing I learnt immediately on this event is having ideas doesn’t mean I can find the subject.

This is my entry.


2nd theme: CIRCLE

This is where my creativity went MIA. So instead I took the chance to shoot the entire theme using my newly bought 50mm lens.

My entry for this theme.


3rd theme: IMAGINE

Okay, when I saw the theme, I was totally dumb-founded. How to shoot imagine? Imagination is anything. I can snap the sky and imagine it’s cotton candy. Right? Switching back to my 18-105mm lens. The idea was to find a small girl looking into a jewellery store, or a man smoking and puffing out, or an unfinished building construction.

Submitted this for my last theme. Took it in B&W to enhance imagination..


Had a tremendous time shooting with friends and also to test myself. Tiring? Yes! I will be there again next year and the next and the next. My aim is to get more of my friends to join me.

For the records, I am a Nikon user and I will not change to Canon =)

More of my shots coming up in the next few days…


  1. almost on my stomach for that shot..the uncles around me must be thinking i am siao de..