Monday, August 8, 2011

Little But Not Small

If there is a place for motorists to hone their driving skills, this has to be one of the places in Singapore. The pedestrians are king of the road. Where? Little India.


I think there are more people on the roads here than in Orchard Rd. And mind you, it’s a weekday. For info, Mustafa Centre is the only 24 hours shopping mall in Singapore. And you can find almost everything there. Prices are not expensive too. In fact, Mustafa was mentioned in tour books as one of the most happening places in Singapore. Salute to all the Indians who made Singapore proud.

Little India is truly a very colourful place. From the buildings to the people, it is just full of vibrant and the lifestyle is quite captivating at times.



A man doing stock check in this shop. I don’t think you will see a Chinese shop so empty, we will tend to squeeze in as much items as possible, to get the most out of anything.


An old man plying his trade as a laundry man.


Do we still see such bag deposit counters anywhere else?


Life goes on as usual no matter what, for some.



A group of people gathering in front of a shophouse to watch the football match between Singapore & Malaysia.


As I wandered along the streets, I found this game I used to play when I was young, Carrom Game.DSC_0146

It’s a super huge board, twice the size we usually played on. So that a lot of people can play at the same time.


Ever wonder why most of the money changers in Singapore are operated by Indians?



  1. Ahhh I think I made my comment about how the area around Mustapha would make for awesome Night Street Photography some nights after you shot this!

  2. Oh..I will be planning another trip back to take more's a very interesting place! =)