Thursday, December 13, 2012

People 2012 (50) - First Born

The last 3 photos in this series will feature the 3 different person who leaves a very deep impression in my life and will forever be the most love of my life.

Joey is my first born. No matter how many children we have, our first born will always be different. She will be the evidence of my strength and vigour. Many people commented that Joey looks like me. I’m not sure which part or angle, but I know she takes after me in terms of character. Both of us are definitely leaders, likes to give instructions or take the lead in any given situation. We are also very similar in terms of our persistency/nagging, we can nag and nag until we get what we want.

I totally love my girl. She is going to P1 next year, most likely she will start to have more friends and spend lesser time with me as she grows up. But papa will always be here for you, my first born.

50 - First Born

“You can only have one first born. You may love all your children deeply and with passion, but there is something unique about the first born.” Raymond E Feist

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