Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Theme: Balinese Lifestyle

On this trip to Bali, a friend of mine gave me a challenge to go with a theme for photography. I took the challenge and it turned out to be a better photography trip than all my previous trips. Now I have something in mind when I take my photos. I will be on a constant lookout for what I want to take.

A horseman waiting for his next customer. A few times we were really tempted to give it a try.


We see these green square shape thing with flowers and incense almost everywhere we go in Bali. I think it’s got to do with some religious purpose.


90% of the seafood we eat in Bali comes from the daily catch of these tireless fishermen. A lone boat still out there hoping to catch a few more fishes before the light is out.



Tall brick gates are common in Bali. Whenever I see such gates, I will find a temple nearby. Guess it’s a gate to peace?


A woman washing the plates in a small drain just outside her house. Her daughter was actually “doing her business” there.


The sky is so beautiful but the people are oblivious to it’s beauty. A sharp contrast between peace and busyness.


This old lady was actually picking tin cans in the bushes, but she gave me a wide smile when I took out my camera. I just love the simplicity of the Balinese people.


Many would have thought beggars are common in countries like Indonesia. Believe it or not, this man was the only beggar I saw in Bali. In fact, a boat man told me the entire Indonesia economy is very much supported by the money generated from Bali tourism.


A group of kids pulling along a bull in celebration of a temple activity.


Can’t help but being attracted to this small boy by the road side. Again, it’s the smile.


This cute lady was asking me to give her some money when I was taking her photo.


I want to sum up my trip to Bali with this photo. Bali is a peaceful place but not boring. It is a very colourful island.


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